YES - Bates Technical College, Tacoma WA

This work represents the students and their quest to achieve a better life for themselves. Vertical, strong, and determined, the piece begins with perfect organization at the bottom: the strong foundation. As you go up, the sculpture becomes more complex. At the very top, the word YES is machined into the surface (CNC machining done by students themselves at Bates College). After you climb stairs on the interior face of the building, you can see this word from the viewing platform inside right at eye level. This literal act of having to climb up to achieve a goal (reading the message on the top of the sculpture) is a metaphorical message of the value in putting in the work at school to get to a higher place. Interestingly, you CAN get glimpses of the reflection of the word YES reflected in the windows from ground level at certain angles, but you won't experience it clearly until you put in the work (climbing the stairs).

The sculpture is approximately 18' tall, 3'-4" wide and deep, on a 27-inch-tall cast-in-place concrete pedestal. Color, height, and design of pedestal matches the foundation of the building immediately behind sculpture.

Time lapse video of the fabrication and installation may be viewed HERE.