Ascend – corten steel sculpture

Ascend was installed today at the Sand Diego Botanic Garden for temporary display. A 7.5-foot tall corten steel sculpture, the reds of the oxide patina compliment the greens of the gardens wonderfully. The Botanic Garden is located at 230 Quail Gardens Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024, just north of San Diego.

coten steel garden sculpture

Video of Wish installation

WISH sculpture is installed

Children have been picking dandelion flowers that have gone to seed, blowing and “making a wish” for centuries. It is that very concept of focusing thought, gathering energy and releasing it into the world which provides the inspiration for this sculpture. The shopping center this public art is located in has been a dream of the community for nearly 20 years, bringing a much needed grocery store and other amenities to this area. WISH celebrates this dream-come-true for the community with a sculpture made from marine-grade stainless steel and Cor-ten (weathering) steel. The piece includes a 7-foot long and a 10-foot long wall sculpture of flying-away dandelion seeds, and three 25-foot tall dandelion seeds in a nearby planter.

wish dandelion stainless steel sculpture

wish dandelion stainless steel and cor-ten sculpture

wish dandelion stainless steel sculpture

wish dandelion bronze plaque

Bronze plaque by Impact Signs

Article about 9/11 Memorial in Designlife magazine

“It’s rare that one gets to work on a piece with such weighty emotional impact, so I was very interested from the start,” Satow explains. “I also knew that it was a risky project in many ways. So many people were deeply affected by the events that day. I knew I had to create something that would honor not only the memories of those lost, but also do justice to the emotions of the people that live on in the shadow of that day.”

Full article is here.

9/11 memorial

Inflorescence – mirror polished stainless steel sculpture for UAA

We are very excited to announce that Heath Satow Sculpture was recently awarded a commission to create a sculpture for the University of Alaska Anchorage’s ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building (UAA CPISB). Below are two renderings of the design and the video presentation of the sculpture. The video presentation shows a 360 degree view of the sculpture design. The work will be fabricated in Satow’s warehouse studio from marine grade (316) stainless steel, will be nearly 15 feet tall and 17 feet wide, and the surfaces will be buffed to a tough mirror-polished finish. The project is expected to be completed by the end of May 2015.


mirror polished stainless steel sculpture

mirror polished stainless steel sculpture


Take a world tour of public art by Heath Satow

This google map has many of the sculptures around the world by Heath Satow listed with pinpoint accuracy. Find out if there’s one near you…

Hawk Sculpture photos

This public sculpture for the El Paso Zoo was installed in October of last year, but I just realized we never posted any finished photos of the project. Here’s a few pics of that art project… it was quite an interesting challenge! The hawk was made from patinaed stainless steel for a contemporary bronze look, and it was mounted on a Corten steel weathered “tree”. The two materials contrast nicely on the site.

hawk sculpture

hawk sculpture

hawk sculpture

hawk sculpture

Muse sculpture photos

These aren’t the final photos, but here are some initial photos of the mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture, Muse, after it was installed a couple weeks ago:


Muse mirror polished stainless steel sculpture


Muse mirror polished stainless steel sculpture


Muse mirror polished stainless steel sculpture


Muse mirror polished stainless steel sculpture

Muse sculpture installation video

A short video of craning the 18′ tall mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture MUSE into place. The sculpture was still in a protective wrap at this point. Photos of the completed install will be posted soon after the dedication of the sculpture on March 30.

Craning the “Muse” sculpture into place. from Heath Satow on Vimeo.

Update: what’s been going on?

It’s been a few months since the last update, things have been crazy… a few proposals in the works, including what may become a half-mile long sculpture, a couple of installations about to happen, and some smaller sculptures in the works. Busy times.

We did miss posting a recent installation. This one is temporary: it’s up for the next year and a half or so in Palm Desert, as part of the El Paseo Invitiational Exhibit along the El Paseo corridor in Palm Desert. Thirteen feet tall, mirror-polished stainless contrasted with oxidized steel. The materials compliment each other wonderfully out in the desert sun. Oh, and PS: this one is a rare one in that it’s up for sale — if you know anyone interested, please inquire at the contact link on the website. 🙂

stainless steel sculpture with oxidized steel